A Different Flower In the Same Garden

This is my favourite picture of my baby sister and I was thrilled when it fell out of the photo album I was flipping through here at my parents' place. 

One of my first memories was riding in an elevator with my dad when I was four years old.  He took my hand as we stepped out of the strange room and walked down a bright hallway, stopping in front of a giant window that was inside the building. I looked up to see a lady in a white dress with a matching white hat, standing on the other side of the glass. She bent over something beside her, and lifted a small bundle.  She turned towards us, revealing a rosey cheeked, blue eyed baby with fuzzy blonde hair, wearing nothing but a bulky white diaper.  As she let out a wail my dad tilted his head towards me, eyes still on the baby. 

"That's your sister." he said.  I remember a tight feeling in my chest and a lump in my throat.  My nose felt strange and prickly, my eyes prickled too, and suddenly it was hard to see. 

It was many years before I understood what was happening to me in that moment and it amazes me to think that it came on so automatically.  I can't imagine that I would have had any concept of understanding what having a sister meant.  But even if four year old me hadn't a clue, something in my heart was trying to tell me it was going to be pretty special. 


  1. There are also times I've wondered if my soul recognized hers as one I'd travel with before.


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