Happy Mother's Day!

Summer 1994 near Peterborough Ontario.

On this Mother’s day I’d like to take the opportunity to brag about say how proud I am of my children and all they have accomplished this year.   Last year's move from Calgary to Vancouver was not quite as smooth as Adam would have liked.  Though he struggled at first, he persisted and overcame a number of challenges that were thrown his way.  He now has a place in the city, is working two jobs, and still has the time to write and record music and play guitar in a  heavymetal band with some very fine young men. It’s such a treat for me when he calls me in the middle of the day, just to say hello.  

Nicole recently finished her first year of University in the Fine Art program at UBCO.  She lives with a friend in an apartment downtown and she paid for her entire year herself, including tuition, books, rent, food and a class trip to New York during reading week.  In order to do this she has two part time jobs but this doesn’t effect her marks (all at the top end of the scale) or her art - one of her paintings was chosen for the SOPA U8 show this year and she was the only one who was still a student in the group of 100 artists.  She still finds time to visit us at least once a week and we talk or text daily.  

Not only hard working and responsible, my children have show great consideration for others in their daily lives and their kindness and generosity is an inspiration to me.  :)  Te amo muchisimo!


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