Reunion Part Deux

photo by Mike Ormshaw
One day last Fall, my facebook status announced that I had an extra peach pie and would deliver it to the office of the first person to reply.  My friend Sue, in Ontario was the first responder and as much as I would have loved to take the pie to her, I figured it wouldn't be worth eating after a five day drive.  I thought about trying to phone a bakery to deliver one to her, but didn't pursue it.  Then several months later when my husband reminded me I was going to be about an hour away from her for my high school reunion, I thought it would be great to surpriser her at her house, pie in hand.
After a few emails, facebook messages, and cell phone calls to her husband Mike, operation Peachy Reunion was a go.  Mike recently retired from the OPP, but he still excels at disinformation and subterfuge. Sue was very surprised to see me, though we had a change of venue and they came to me.  Thanks go to Mike and Mike for their input.  It was so nice to see my favourite neighbours, Sue AND Mike, after more than 15 years! 
(I'm kicking myself for not remembering to put the peach pie in the shot as well.  Sue, you'll have to send a photo so we can prove it existed!)


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