For Special

This is what remains of a collection of glasses I bought about eight years ago. They caught my fancy one day while browsing at the now defunct Laughing Moon Gallery and at The Blue Ginger Trading Company. I liked their weight and their colour, and the feel of the raised pattern on the outside of the glass. They were much too expensive, around $8.00 each I think, but I bought them two at a time over the period of a year or so and asked for them as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. My mom gave me four as a hostess gift when she came to visit one summer. I think the most I had was twelve; six indigo and six teal. 

I didn't save them for special.  I used them with pleasure at every meal, for every glass of water, diet coke, and every apple juice emergency. I was the first to break one and though I was a little disappointed I tried to remain detached, remembering how many sets of glasses my mom had purchased over the years. Broken glasses are a fact of life, though if I'd saved them for special I'd surely have more than three left now.  But I think I would have missed out on the opportunity to feel special, every day.  


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