Loving the Lakehouse

You might be surprised to see that this post is not about a house on the lake that's stolen my heart.   Regular readers might also be shocked to see that it's a STORE that I've fallen in love with. I've told you I hate shopping, but as I look back on my blog posts I'm discovering that's not the whole truth.  My  aversion to shopping seems to be strongest when it comes to groceries or clothes.  And then there's the fact that I don't like parting with my money unless I really have to.  I don't like shopping in chain stores and I don't enjoy shopping in stores that carry the same items as every other big box store in the country.

I do enjoy shopping in one-of-a-kind stores, stores that recycle and re-purpose items, stores that carry things that you don't see everywhere, stores with friendly, helpful staff.   I've visited Lakehouse twice in the last two weeks and discovered that this lovely shop at the corner of Bernard and Ellis meets all my requirements for a pleasureable shopping experience. The fact that it's locally owned is the icing on the cake.  

These photos, taken over my two visits show just some of the products found in this 4,000 square foot store. I still haven't had the chance for a really good poke around as I've had the dogs waiting for me both times.  You may recall what happened the last time Max was left a little too long in the car.

I'm loving these colourful salt and pepper mills.  If they look familiar you may have noticed a set in this post earlier this month. I'm very sad to say I have perfectly good metal and BPA free plastic ones that I bought just a couple of years ago.  I wonder if could pass them on to my daughter?

I'd love to fill my drawers (kitchen that is) with all the neat gadgets they carry. On my first visit I was tempted by a microplaner and some colourful ramekin bowls but I forced myself to focus on my goal and purchased a "Good Grips" potato ricer.  No more lumpy mashed potatoes! 

Not only does Lakehouse have great kitchen gear it has beautiful and elegant items for home decor and many household and lifestyle products with a playful twist of humour.

The photo above shows a number of paper placemats, napkins and table covers.  You can choose from designs that are pretty to the more whimsical, all drawn with soy-based ink.  The paper has recycled content and is itself recyclable.

Their cookware is gorgeous, high quality, and no it's not cheap.  But if I learned one thing from my mom it was the value of buying good pots.  When she was a single gal in 1960 she saved her money to purchase a full set of pots for $100.00.  That's got to be close to $1,000 in 2013 money. And if you knew what a penny pincher my mom was you'd understand that was quite significant.  Fifty three years later my dad is still using those pots - though the handles were replaced (under warranty) about ten years ago.

On my second visit I walked into the store just after they opened at ten and was greeted by the savoury aroma of Beouf Bourguigon.   Lakehouse offers monthly cooking classes  and April's class is French Bistro with a menu of Lavender Pineapple Lemonade, Celery Root Puree, Beouf Bourguigon and Blueberry Clafoutis.  For a mere $35.00 (plus tax) you can attend this demonstration class with 6-8 people, eat a delicious meal, do a little shopping after the class and receive a 10-15% discount on your purchases.  You can also arrange a cooking class for you and your friends at another time.  Just call 250-763-9500 to arrange it with Sarah or Kat.  (Ladies of the Board, expect an email from me soon!)

The women who staff Lakehouse are knowledgeable, helpful and great hosts!  Soon after I arrived I was offered the choice of a latte, cappuccino or an Americano, made in their oh so tempting Nespresso machine and I was offered a chocolate at the till.  

I was looking to treat myself to a new cookbook with some healthy recipes and The Fresh & Green Table by Susie Middleton filled the bill.  It has great photos, tasty sounding recipes and a wealth of information on cooking creatively with veggies.  I made the Creamy Double Mushroom Soup for dinner last night and it was really flavourful despite the fact the only liquid added was water.  You can look forward to me posting the results of some of these recipes in the future.

If you're disappointed that you can't shop at Lakehouse because you don't live in Kelowna or you live too far away to visit, do not despair!  Lakehouse has an easy to navigate website full of their products at regular and sale prices.  Bonus:  They have free shipping on orders over $100 within Canada.  Grab yourself a cuppa, have a browse and enjoy! 

P.S. Check out this great video that chronicles the assembly and birth of the store with another look at their great products.


  1. This is my favorite kind of store. All filled with accessories for the home, kitchen gadgets galore, and all in a perfect, homey setting. I've just ordered your cookbook pick-up at the library. Maybe we can compare our results?

  2. I have been to the Lakehouse a number of times and have signed up for their cooking class in May. It is a dreamers paradise. I am coveting their Breville Ice Cream maker.


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