A Tour of the Dog Beach

We've been enjoying Cedar Creek Dog Park quite a bit the last couple of weeks.  I always appreciate the chance to take photos of the every changing lake-scape.  The low cloud and calm water made for some pretty pictures this morning.

The dogs enjoy walking on the rocky shore or chasing each other along the dirt road that runs behind the beach and up the hill.

Up at the top there are a number of benches where you can stop and take in the view.

There's a great flat area at the top where the dogs can chase each other or wrestle.  Often someone will have a frisbee or a ball that the dogs steal from each other while the owners chat.

Max was very interested in a pair of mallard ducks who swam slowly away as he waded in after them.  They were more interested in snapping at the bugs that skated across the water near the shore and they paid no attention to him at all.  I guess it helps to know you can fly away if a dog gets too close.


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