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I can't remember how I stumbled upon Moo but I started singing their praises even before I'd ordered any of their products myself.  Normally I don't promote merchandise on this blog but after receiving my order of Moo Business Cards this week I just couldn't help myself!

First of all I was impressed that they knew exactly what I'd say when the parcel arrived in my mailbox.

I was also impressed by the quality of their product.  The cards were packaged in a really sturdy box that you can easily slip into your purse or pocket.  Bonus:  it has two dividers in it, one labeled "mine" the other "theirs" so as you give out your business cards you can tuck other people's into the box. This is particularly handy if you're at a networking event.

The best thing about Moo is of course the cards themselves and the fact that there are so many creative options.  You can have square corners or round corners, you can choose different orientations, add your own logo, use one of their many templates....which I just discovered on their site right now...doh! I don't know how I missed that.  I think it was my desire to get to the "printfinity" option.

What is Printfinity you ask?  If you're a visual artists this is a really cool way to show potential clients samples of your work.  Simply upload jpegs of your portfolio and voila, you have a business card with all your contact info on one side and samples of your work on the other. You can share one piece of work you're particularly proud of or you can put a different image on every card. I ordered 50 cards and uploaded 20 of my favourite images so I have three each of the first five and two of the rest.

The cards are slightly larger than the average ones I've come across and a heavier weight as well - 16pt. They are incredibly sturdy.  Moo uses eco-friendly 100% recycled paper, the colours are bright and the images sharp. The only complaint I have is the fact that some of my photos are darker than they appeared on my computer when I uploaded them.  This is a Macbook problem rather than a Moo problem so when I order more cards I'll be searching their site for a way to sync our settings.  

Moo offers so many creative ways to promote your business with postcards, stickers, greeting cards and more.  There are some great gift ideas too.  I'm keen to make a book of stickers for my niece with photos I've taken of her,  her dog and the rest of the family.  The site also offer lots of advice for small business owners on subjects like marketing and PR, SEO and the web, time management and recruitment.

While writing this post and browsing the site again, I began thinking about music promo and wondered about the possibility of including something in a card that would allow you to give people a song sample.  Turns out Moo is way ahead of me - maybe you are too.  I've never heard of this before but the potential is only limited by your imagination. Business Cards with an NFC microchip inside.  Check it out.


  1. Seriously, this is way too cool! Thanks for the heads up. I'll be using Moo the next time I place a card order! Awesome!


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