Creative Serendipity

I'm going back and forth between the memoir, home management and a photography project today. On this morning's dog walk I multi-tasked and took along my D200.  I'd forgotten how versatile it is compared to the iPhone which I've been using exclusively on this blog the last few weeks. I was really excited to get home and look at my photos.  I think because I learned much of my skills using film, I don't tend to look at every photo as I take it, preferring to wait until I get home and upload to my Mac.

I'm going to try to stop doing that.  Halfway through my photo shoot I made an adjustment to my exposure setting without realizing it.   This happens all the time and I don't know how.  I somehow set the exposure compensation button to +4.0 .  This is something you might want to do in very bright sunlight, not on a grey overcast day like today.   

I thought the photos were ruined but I decided to mess around with them on iphoto.  Some of them couldn't be saved, like the one above.  The colour was pretty much faded out many of them so I switched a lot of them to black and white.  I thought I'd share the ones I'm most happy with. 


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