Grateful for Flight

Today I'm grateful for many things, but what's on my mind this morning is flight, or more specifically airplane flight.

I'm grateful my father-in-law is able to get a flight from the Island to Kelowna for Easter.  We haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and at ninety-five each visit is precious.

I'm grateful that prices for flights are quite reasonable, despite the holiday.  Our son will be able to fly home for Easter rather than take the bus giving him much more time with us - a fifty minute flight vs. a six hour bus ride.

I'm very grateful to have my hubby home.  I picked him up at the airport Friday night after he spent a week in Mexico helping build an orphanage in Colima.

I'm grateful my sister will be able to fly to Ontario to spend a quick weekend with my Dad before the family homestead is sold in May.

I'm grateful for Commander Chris Hadfield who's been tweeting some awesome photos from the International Space Station including this recent one of the Colima Volcano not far from my hubby's location the day before.

Photos taken March 12 at Cedar Creek Dog Park


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