Thanksgiving Harvest

Here we are at Thanksgiving already.  My husband was in the garden this morning, digging up and picking the final harvest of the season.  It's been a great year for our garden, I hope you've had a successful year as well.  Despite the fact that Max dug up a quite a number of our carrots and beets, we managed to get a fair bit for the last pick.  I'm so looking forward to having some of these roasted under our Thanksgiving chicken tomorrow.

We never get much of a harvest from the grape vine (yes, vine) that grows up against the back porch, but these are the tastiest ones in five years.  So sorry you missed them Dad!

And lastly our cherry and pear tomatoes.  I think we'll probably get a few more here and there over the next week, but they'll probably disappear before they get from the garden to the house.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We have so much to be thankful for!


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