Gratitude Monday

6.  I'm grateful for my daughter who when asked "Would you make me breakfast?" replied "What would you like?"

7.  I'm grateful for the website Flickr that allowed me to look at these stunning photos of Ramadan giving me a window on a world I know very little of.  Do check out the link and select Slide Show on the right to spend a few minutes in wonder.

8.  I'm grateful for yet another sunny day.  Hello vitamin D!

9.  I'm grateful I live in a democratic country where we can speak our minds without fear of retribution.

10.  I'm grateful for my first full night's sleep after almost three years of tossing, turning and pain.  Thank you Dr. Goldberg!


  1. So proud of you and your Gratitude Journal!!!!! Keep it up and you'll start seeing the benefits - trust me:-)


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