Mountain Lady Redux

On September 30th,  I posted a photo of Black Knight Mountain, known only to me I think, as The Lady of the Mountain.  It was a back-lit photo, so the image might not have been as clear to those of you who don't look at it everyday and automatically see what I see.  I thought I'd give you a better look today and post this shot that was taken in the early afternoon.

The lady lies on her side the highest point being her shoulder. If you follow the line down her arm and move into the foreground, you'll reach her elbow.  In this shot, on the right I can really see the definition of her head, her chin in particular and I can see her hair flowing down off her brow, to the right.

I'm thinking you'll see it a little better now...or maybe it's just my active imagine and the influence of growing up in Sioux Lookout, not too far from The Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


  1. Oh my gosh, I see it!!!! And it's amazing when you finally do see it. It just appears and it's incredible. LOVE!


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