Tea and Spice and Everything Nice

Any Chef worth his  or her salt will tell you the best way to make a good meal is to start with the best ingredients.  If you're going to take the time to hunt down fresh produce, and  purchase quality cuts of meat it would be a crying shame to add old herbs and spices to those favourite recipes.  Take heart!  If you live in the Okanagan, Abby's Spice & Tea Store has you covered.

If you haven't visited Abby in the Stewart Centre on Kirschner, you don't know what you're missing!  She's brought in herbs and spices from the four corners of the globe:  smoky Paprika from Spain, Cloves from Madagascar, Allspice from Jamaica and Star Anise from China to name just a few.  And it's all so fresh!  The Marash pepper I buy from her is so moist with essential chili oils, I have to make sure I put it right into a jar so it doesn't eat through the plastic bag she sends home with me.

And her teas are just as fresh.  The Market Spice tea I bought in May is still fragrant and moist with flavour...which reminds me I'm almost out!  Abby carries the usual Darjeeling from India and Ceylon from Sri Lanka, but she also carries several Mate teas from Argentina (which I'd never heard of)  and lots of Rooibos blends from South Africa. She has more than 200 teas and spices, including some blends that she makes herself.  If you're curious to know the contents of those blends, she'll happily tell you.

Abby doesn't stop at spice and tea either, she carries a variety of imported Italian olive oils, gourmet vinegars from Summerland, Arlo's Honey and a several other food products and accessories that you won't want to be without.  The best part is, everything is available to sample.  If you're in a rush you can call ahead and Abby will have everything ready for you, or you can even order online.  But I recommend you pop in and say hi.  Abby has a wealth of knowledge and visiting her Tea and Spice Store is really an all senses experience you don't want to miss...in fact, give me a call and we can go together - there's always something I want need...

Don't forget to check out her website.  http://www.abbyspiceandtea.com   There's a 15% off coupon you can print out before you head over.


  1. Sounds like a place where I'd be very comfortable! Not that it is the same, but I get a lot of my best herbs and spices at a place called Penzey's. It is a chain, but small shop-ish.


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