The Lady of the Mountain

One of things I love about Kelowna is the feeling I get when I look to the horizon and see that I'm surrounded by mountains.  Now if you live in Banff, Alberta or Aspen, Colorado you might argue that these are more like foothills, but Black Knight Mountain, pictured here, has an elevation of 4,205 feet, so it's nothing to sneeze at in my opinion. 

Though it's called Black Knight Mountain, and has also been described as looking like whale (?), I see a woman lying on her side when I look to East Kelowna.  The very top curve is her shoulder and if you follow it down to the left in the foreground, you can see where her elbow bends and her forearm runs in front of her chest.  Her head lies on it's side and you can imagine long hair splayed forward making the gentle curve that reaches the bottom of the mountain to the right.  It looks to me like she's covered by a blanket and the curve of her hip makes the rise on the left side.    She's a comforting presence that I look to every day, so grateful to be living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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