Hazy Daze of Summer

Tantalus Vineyard, Southeast Kelowna
What a sense of deja vu I had this morning when I headed out the front door on my way to the dog park and was met by the smell of burning forest. I was immediately sent back in time to August 2003 when the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire raged up the hill from our house and we were evacuated for a week.

At 10:00 last evening a fire was reported in the Bear Creek area,  about 10 km north of our place, and across the lake.  The latest report on Castanet indicates difficulty fighting the fire due to smoke and terrain.  About 550 people have been evacuated include 100 campers from Bear Creek Park.  In the meantime the valley is filled with smoke, our windows are shut and we feel for the evacuees, praying that no homes or lives are lost.


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