Have You Seen This Man?

On my way home from the dog park this morning I noticed the Google Maps car driving behind me. It's plastered with the Google logo and has  big blue camera mounted on top.  I thought it would be pretty cool in an ironic kind of a way to get a photo of it to put on today's blog.  

When I pulled into my driveway I noted he turned right, and you can't get out of the neighbourhood that way so I figured he'd have to come back past my house and I'd be waiting for him! I guess he must live somewhere near by, cause I didn't see him again. After hanging about on my street corner for about ten minutes, I looked down and discovered this face smiling up at me.  It looks kind of familiar, but I can't place it...rapper?  anarchist? comedian?  He just looks like he should be on a t-shirt.  If you recognize him, let me know.


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