It Has Begun!

It's a sure thing now!  I have received my first email from my writing mentor MG Vassanji.  I've had so many challenges with the Humber administration, I didn't really believe it was going to happen until I received this email.  Look...he called me Dear! and I'm allowed to call him by his first two initials...though a writer friend suggested I add an "O" to that.  OMG I'm pretty excited!  

I've been through the first edit of the fifteen pages that I'll be passing on to him soon and I'm really frightened about looking forward to seeing what he'll say about them.  In the email he said that he will be blunt, and though I tend to be a bit sensitive, I do appreciate the fact that someone will be giving me honest feedback, in particular someone I respect, who will know how to help me improve things.....wish me luck!


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