Hello Monday!

Hello sunshine!  The forecast called for rain all day, but you fooled them!

Hello Liz Corrigan and her All For Dogs Puppy Training!  Max has his first class tonight.

Hello "Hello Monday" Meme!  And hello to The Pear Tree and Lisa Leonard for this fun link up and blog post idea.

Hello favourite painting!  Memories of Sioux Lookout flood in whenever see this work by the talented Ojibway artist Don Nigewance.

Hello Dad!  He's visiting us this week and brought the painting across the country to me.

Hello son!  So happy you are able to visit too, if only for a couple of days. Help yourself to my food!

Hello Emm Gryner who's recent release Ciao Monday is the perfect ending for today's post.


  1. Saw you at The Pear Tree...love that first photo with the drops of water!

  2. Saw YOU at the Pear Tree too! Stay tuned for a future link to your blog.

  3. Oooo! Fun!!! BTW, loving the photography, seriously.


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