NYC by Night

One of the best investments we made on our trip to NYC was the purchase of a three day "Hop-on Hop-off" double decker bus pass from City Sights New York.  Our New York Pass got us a smokin' deal for $54 that allowed us to take the Downtown Tour, the Uptown Tour, the Night Tour and the Brooklyn Tour as many times as we wanted in the three days, and allowed us a free 90 minute cruise. 
As well as taking the tours, we ended up using the buses like a taxi service  to get us around the city to the sights we wanted to revisit after seeing them from the top of the bus.  The weather forecast had been for rain every day but  it turned out to be way off and though it was hot and humid, we were able to take full advantage of the open bus tops, enjoying a cool breeze and ducking under a few wayward branches near Central Park.  The photos taken here were from the Night Tour, which didn't allow you to hop on and off, but did take us into Brooklyn, which we likely wouldn't have done otherwise with our packed schedule. 


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