Cake Walk

This morning Donna and the dogs and I set out to conquer Phase 2 of the Mission Creek Greenway, starting at Scenic Canyon Park on our way to the base of Layer Cake Mountain.  

We'd done the hike sans doggies two years ago and I'd been keen to hike it again ever since because you go through just about every type of landscape in the Okanagan, from rainforest, to creek bed, to desert scrub and grassland.  It's quite beautiful.

Unfortunately we didn't get to the highlight - the canyon at the base of Layer Cake Mountain, due to some some challenges with my blood sugar.  The good news is we had a great hike in beautiful sunny weather and we'll have to go back another day and try again.  According to my MapMyHike App our return trip was just over 8 km.  

The corner of Layer Cake Mountain

   Somehow it looked less steep on the way down!


  1. Wow! This walk gifts visions so surreal. Wish I was there walking with you guys!!!

    1. I never thought of it being surreal...I guess you take it for granted when you see it so often. Thanks for giving me a new perspective! Come visit any time!


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