A Jug of Wine, a Plate of Food - and Thou

It's my 50th New Year's Eve and though that seems like a milestone to be celebrated with festivities and fanfare, the truth of the matter is that for the past few years, I'm lucky to be awake at 10:00 never mind midnight.  Our most recent New Year's Eves have become celebrations for two, early in the evening with  some treats, a little wine and a movie.

To ring in 2012, we once again opted for a romantic evening at home and enjoyed some chili topped chevre, tangy blue cheese, garlic stuffed olives, a little prosciutto,  savoury kelbasa, and a surprisingly robust Pinot Noir from Hahn Winery.  Though we didn't make it to midnight in Kelowna, we watched the movie "Midnight in Paris".  I think that counts, don't you?


  1. Why not visit one of your favourite cities to end the new year...now to find one set in a place that you want to visit for New Years day!!! Equally quiet here as my friend, Liliana, likes to prepare a special meal and toast the new year at midnight. Then after watching some of the fireworks on TV, Maxi(22 year old son), Corina CoCo (the dog) and I went for a walk through the neighbourhood to make some noise and greet others out walking. That was New Years' Eve 2011, Santiago-style! dj


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