It's Getting Ugly

We're off to a Christmas themed Bowling Party this evening and our team has to wear the traditional ugly Christmas sweater.

I am sad to say I gave mine away to Big Brothers and Sisters a couple of weeks ago and I'm also sad to say that when I went to Value Village this morning it wasn't there.  In fact there weren't really any ugly Christmas sweater there at all.  I did run into some other souls searching for the same sort of sweater, but none of us had any luck. 

I had already struck out at Zellers so my next thought was Wal-Mart.  Apparently their Christmas sweaters were yet to arrive.  So I made the best of it and bought a cheap red sweater and sewed a plastic garland of red stars and green balls up and down the front of it.  Hopefully I pass the ugly test. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say).


  1. Actually, Suzan, as "ugly" sweaters go... that one's kinda cute! I may not run out and do the same thing, but I'm actually surprised some manufacturer or other hasn't tried it yet. Beats the standard reindeer theme!


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