Global Village

We had a poke around Ganges in the rain today, though before we got to the village, we stopped at Dave Woods' farm where the Saltspring Island Cheese Company makes some very tasty goat and sheep cheeses.

Then it was off to Barb's Buns for a healthy and delicious lunch of Tomato Lentil soup and House Salad. The coffee is just as good as the food and The Lonely Planet lists Barb's as the number one thing to do on Saltspring. 

My favourite stop of the day was the Rainbow Road Trading Company, a fair trade shop just bursting with colour, texture and handcrafted products from Indian, Nepal and Thailand.

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tapestry and wall hangings from Rajastan

handmade paper from Nepa

gently worn saris from India

Felted mouse and flower slippers.


  1. What a fun day. So much visual eye candy! I bet it was overwhelming to take in so much. Happy New Year, my friend! Hoping 2012 brings even more great posts that I so enjoy!!!

  2. I really must get to Salt Spring Island some day. This is just further inspiration! Glad you had a good Christmas getaway!

  3. You must Mrs. Pear Tree, It's your kind of place!


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