Pocketful of Catch Up

As you can see there are several posts for today.  I'm catching up from my weekend away and this June 6 post actually begins June 3rd.  When we go to a restaurant, it's often a challenge for me to find something that I can eat without raising my blood sugar.  You'd be surprised at how many ways you can slip sugar into a dish when you really don't need it. Despite this fact, I still enjoy dining out because after I do the song and dance with the waitress who insists that there is no sugar in the mushroom soup and then goes and asks the chef and finds out that yes, there is brown sugar, I do find many good ideas for food to make at home.  Here's the antipasto I'll be attempting to copy this evening, from a restaurant we at at this weekend called The Pink Door. Don't pass up an opportunity to eat there!  We managed to get one of the last spots on the shaded patio and had a wonderful lunch on Saturday.  That olive oil is made by the restaurant and I snagged a bottle of it to bring home.


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