Fruit of my Labour

Hello you people who arrived here in search of info about the Benvoulin strawberry patch.  The phone number is in the bottom paragraph.  Happy picking!

So there I was at the Benvoulin strawberry patch at 7:30 this morning about to take a photo of those endless rows of green bushes and shiny red strawberries in that magical morning light, only to discover my battery was dead.  On Sunday I went to take a photo of a brilliant orange Chevy at the Father's Day Show and Shine and was disappointed to see I had arrived sans memory card.  I think I'm getting to the age where I need check list before I leave the house, at least as far as photography is concerned.  

I did however remember to bring my own bucket to my first visit to the patch this year and I will be back so don't worry, you'll be seeing more strawberries in the future.  This first batch will be just for eating as God intended and making into strawberry shortcake...which I suspect God had a hand in as well.  

For Kelowna followers, berries are $1.90 a pound and they plan to pick until at least 11 this morning.  For the long term they tell me there'll be berries for another 5 weeks. You can call 250-860-2964 for the most up to date info. This small pail of almost 4 lbs took 15 minutes to pick with nary a mosquito in site.


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