Cultivating Community

One of Kelowna's Community Gardens is tucked behind the CNC off of Gordon Drive in the Mission.  The City of Kelowna is really to be commended on partnering with Central Okanagan Community Gardens to make wonderful use of a space that was likely no more than a patch of grass up until now.  The gardens are beautifully tended and so healthy and green you can almost feel the vitamins rushing into you just from looking at the lush plants.

A member of our dog park pack has a plot in here.  He signed up in the spring at a cost of a mere $15.00, promising to abide by the 17 rules that are mostly  common sense.  As per Kelowna City bylaws, pesticide use is restricted, members are encouraged to leave tools in the shed to share and a compost bin and blue room are provided for well, waste.  What a great opportunity for individuals with no yards or green space.  Gardening is so important to people, some call it a hobby, some call it therapy. What a great city we live in to offer this service to our community!


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