Woodcreek Cottage on Bernard

*update 2015.  This is an old post and the store is no longer located here infact as far as I can tell it's gone out of business.  If you have other information please let me know in the comments.

If you've been following along, you'll know that shopping features prominently on my "Things I'd rather not do" list.  The more often I go downtown however, the more I realize that downtown Kelowna is a great place to shop, full of quirky little stores and boutiques that carry original works and out of the ordinary things you won't find in every chain store in the mall.  

I thought I'd take the opportunity to promote some of these shops, especially while the west end of Bernard Avenue is under construction and might appreciate a little more promotion. Since I've been in decorating mode for the past six months I thought I'd start with Woodcreek Cottage Home Decor and Gifts owned by Sandy Hyatt and Diane Scott.

You can enter the store through the main entrance on Bernard between Water and Pandosy or you might stumble upon it while visiting the shop next door.  A charming little brick archway leads you from the Picture Perfect's art gallery into Woodcreek Cottage.

Owners Sandy Hyatt and Dianne Scott have carefully selected a wide variety of gifts and decorative items ranging from the latest trends to vintage classics.    They carry pillows, picture frames, glassware, candles, jewellery, sculpture, mantle and wall clocks, holiday decor and more. Until the end of February you can enter a draw for Sid Dickens memory block if you spend a minimum of twenty five dollars.

It's a great place to find the pieces to help make your home cozy and reflective of your own personality.  If you don't find something today, there might be something new next week.  It's always fun to poke around for undiscovered treasures.

For some reason I was drawn to what I  thought were pins from some sort of bowling game. With a little research I think they might be a reproduction of pins from a game called "candlepin".  That would explain my attachment to them as it was a game played in the Maritimes.  We've also been calling them "fish bonkers".  I also purchased a wall clock that I really like and thanks goes to Dianne who was very helpful when it came to selecting the one that would look best above my mantle. I was also grateful for her low pressure sales style.  It took me three visits to decide on what I wanted and her patience was much appreciated.  I'm very happy with the results.


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