Grateful for Family

Today is British Columbia's first official "Family Day" - a statutory holiday for those of us not employed by the Federal Government. Today I'm very grateful that B.C. has joined Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI and Saskatchewan in giving it's residents a welcome vacation day during the long stretch between New Year's Day and Easter.

Christmas 1997

I'm grateful for my family and friends spread right across this beautiful country from Saltspring Island to The Bay of Fundy with a side trip to Nova Scotia.

I'm also grateful I'll talk to my son and spend some time with my daughter and husband today and I'm very grateful for the technology that allows us to talk to and see family members near and far.

I'm grateful my east coast relatives are weathering the big snow storm and weren't affected by the watermain break.

I'm grateful for my Auntie Linda, one of my biggest supporters.

I'm grateful for my Aunt Norma and Uncle Boo who send me summer savoury from their garden every year.  There's no summer savoury like Bellisle summer savoury!

I'm grateful for cousins who keep in touch on Facebook and entertain me with the antics and accomplishments of their amazing children. 

I'm grateful my dad is enjoying his time in Myrtle Beach so much that he plans to add another month next year.

I'm grateful my brother-in-law finally has some answers on his neck injury and hope he won't have to wait much longer for surgery.

I'm grateful my son has the support of my sister and her family nearby.

I'm very grateful for my husband and my guardian angels who kept him safe for me and sent me to the laundromat on that fateful day in May of 1984.


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