Start Spreadin' the News....

..yes, I am leaving today.  I'm on my way to the Big Apple with 5 other women, three of whom I've yet to meet.  Is that proper grammar?  I'm to stoked to care!  You may not see me here for a while and I realize I've been an infrequent poster as of late, but once I return you can be guaranteed of some photos of New York, New York.  By a crazy coincidence there's a blogger conference going on in our hotel the last weekend that we're there, but we've got too much going on to get involved with it.

Hope you'll stay tuned for my upcoming posts.  I'm not sure what the computer situation will be like in NY but if I get the opportunity I will post while I'm there.  Hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are!


  1. Have a wonderful time and enjoy!!! Safe travels and I look forward to reading all your fantastic stories.


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