Never on a Sunday!

This morning Christina, Tracy and I climbed aboard the Hop-on Hop-off Bus to enjoy the sights and sounds of lower Manhattan on the Downtown loop.  Our intent was to spend the day doing the Uptown and Downtown loops, remaining on the bus throughout the tours in order to get a good overview of the city and see what was where. For some reason when we hit stop number three, I said "Do you want to get off here?" and was greeted with an enthusastic "Yes!" What were we thinking?

Do NOT visit the Empire State Building on a Sunday in July.  Even though we had the New York Pass, it didn't help get us to the top any quicker.  It was just before noon when we arrived and we stood in-line for almost three hours, snaking our way through various levels of the building before watching an Imax type film that allowed us a close up view of the surrounding buildings that we would soon be towering above.

The wait was agonizing, but the view was quite spectacular!


  1. Please tell me that 3-hour wait was in air-conditioning!!!!

    1. Yes, thank goodness! Though Sunday was probably the coolest day of our visit. I'm curious to see how much weight I lost between all the walking and sweating!


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