Grateful to be Canadian, eh?!

Yesterday my beloved country turned 145 years old.  The weather forecast was for thunderstorms which did not bode well for the traditional downtown and lakefront celebrations.  I was very grateful when the sun came out mid morning and warmed things up for the rest of the day.  Even the evening was clear for the fireworks at Waterfront Park.

Since Canada Day fell on a Sunday we get today off,  and on this holiday Gratitude Monday I am feeling extremely blessed to live in the true north strong and free.  Inspired by Mrs. Pear Tree's Canada Day post my gratitude list includes all of the things I am grateful for in this great country of ours.

I'm grateful for:

universal health care
freedom of speech
maple leaves (no, not the hockey team)
faerie trees
the discovery of insulin
gun control
Canadians (again, not the hockey team)
picking strawberries on Canada day

Ryan Gosling
Uclulet and Tofino
Americans (Despite the fact that Canadians are often depicted as anti-American I've never met one I didn't like)
backyard rinks
autumn in Ontario
summer in the Maritimes
winter in British Columbia
lakes, rivers and oceans
wild rice
-our and -re
cottages and cabins
friends near and far


  1. Happy Canada Day!!! Your pride is shining through. Canada should be proud to have you as their citizen:-)


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