Simple Summer Gratitude

It's my first Monday post in a while and my photo is actually from yesterday but I'm feeling particularly grateful for the past week of simple pleasures.  Public thankfulness seems to give my gratitude more weight somehow.

I'm very gratefully for the sunshine we've enjoyed the past week or so.

I'm grateful for Saturday.  We spent it mostly apart, doing chores and puttering around the yard, but  took a break on the deck mid-afternoon to hydrate, get out of the sun and reconnect.  I finally understand  the phrase "domestic bliss".

I'm gratefully for Cedar Creek Dog Beach as it's a much cooler spot to walk the dogs on these hot days. 

I'm grateful for the way this park/beach allows the dogs to play or move on.  Fearful dogs can be intimidated by Max's puppy playfulness.  At Cedar Creek he's had some really good romps with Grazey (a husky/greyhound cross), Lily (1 year old chocolate lab) and Ginger (2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback).  

I'm grateful for Pitou's enjoyment of the area as well.  I think he's part goat as he navigates the steep hillside with ease, though I am a little worried about what he might find in some of the holes he pokes his little terrier nose into.

I'm so grateful for all of the fresh fruit and produce available to us this time of year.  Walla onions roasted on the barbecue are incredible, titan cherries have great texture and flavour, and what's better than popping a few sweet peas into your mouth as you shell them for dinner?

I was grateful for a cancelled appointment that turned into a light dinner and drinks lakeside at Manteo's Wild Apple Grill with my friend Ellen.  How luck for us to get a table on the patio on such a perfect evening and what a joy to spend time with such an enthusiastic, witty, generous woman.  A bonus that my hubby was able to join us later.

I'm grateful for the possibility of a visit next month from Lea, her hubby (my brother-in-law) and their dogger Annie (Pitou will love her!).  Since they moved to Edmonton it's been ages since we've seen them and I'm crossing my fingers that things will work out.


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