My New Blurb Book Is Here!

Just can't say enough about my favourite photo book publisher, Blurb.  I recently used their simple blog to blurb software that allowed me to connect to my blog and "slurp" the contents into their template creating my latest book "Pocketful of Memory Cards".  When my blog is long gone I will still have this collection of the photos I took each day from May 2011 to April 2012.  It's a year long journal of sorts that I will cherish one day when I'm old and  

If you haven't checked out Blurb yet, please do.  The options for unleashing your creativity are practically endless.  You can create books for yourself and your family, books you can sell, daybooks, notebooks, novels, children's picture books - you need only use your imagination to come up with some really neat things.  They have options like blurb to book, which I've mentioned, you can pull photos from Facebook, and you can now "slurp" from instagram as well.  You can allow other people, like the people you met on your travels who promised to send you photos, to add to your book on line.  It's really incredible once you start looking at the possibilities.  You can use their templates, create your own, or if you're a graphic artist or someone familiar with the workings of more complicated graphic software, you can really take full control and use their plug-in for Adobe InDesign. When you're done, you can even list them for sale if you wish.  You set the price, Blurb retains their portion and pays you the difference.

If I've inspired you to try it out, contact me on Blurb at Suzan17.  I'd love to see your work!


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