So Far, So Good

Well it's still early days in my 2014 goal to reduce my commercial consumption, but so far I think I've met my challenges quite well.

The first thing I was faced with was a birthday card for my husband.  I often buy one at the same time that I buy his Christmas card, but I wasn't quite as organized as I usually am.  I decided to make a card.    I printed a photo that was taken on our trip to Venezuela to celebrate hubby's 50th birthday and adhered it to the front of one of the art cards (blank on the front, and the inside) my daughter had gifted me a few years ago.  The photo was a bit small for the size of the card so I cut the card to fit (you quilters will likely be horrified to see me using my cutting wheel on heavy paper).  Then I used a fancy pen to write a personal note inside.

The next task was to find myself a pair of jeans.  I have two pair and one of them is that style that's a little lower cut on the hips.  I have no hips to keep them up and having lost a little weight this year, plus the weight of my pump clipped to the waist band, they have a tendency to shimmy down exposing more flesh than I'm comfortable with.  I thought I could cheat a little on this one because, as I had mentioned before I was going to buy myself a couple of new things before the end of the new year, but illness kept me home past the 31st.  A pair of jeans was on that list.  Jeans are difficult to find at the best of times but if I want to make a commitment to reducing my consumption, then I realized I'd have to stop trying to buy new on a "technicality".  

Yesterday I was off to the Springfield Bulk Food and noticed Jen's 14 Plus at the corner of the Spall Mall.  What the heck, I might as well give it a try, I thought.  I took two pairs of jeans into the change room as I wasn't sure of size...most consignment stores seem to have clothes with older sizing.  One pair hung off me but the second pair was perfect, and on sale.  I managed to find myself a pair of Calvin Kleins in great shape, for $8.00 in a matter of minutes!  Winning!


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