Making Tracks

While taking out the garbage yesterday I noticed how many different little tracks and footy prints there are all around our front yard.

Pulling the recycling to the curb

 The quail march all over our lawn through every season.

Wouldn't you fly over the stairs if you were a bird?

Me and the birdies back and forth along the path as we go about our daily tasks.

Big doggies walking past the house.

Our kitties running down the driveway.

A racoon whose footprints stop at...

...a broken mirror waiting to be tossed.  I would love to have 
witnessed what happened when they saw their reflection.

Lots of dog tracks at the corner by the Wishing Tree.  Someone lost the their..
"thing that you hook on your boots when you're walking on ice".  Looks like it 
could match the print near the cat feet once it was stretched over a boot.


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