A Snapshot in Time

I enjoyed today's post on Young Love and was inspired to do one myself as I too am a fan of questionnaires and self-reflection. We both did one last year as well.  Hope you did one too, as it's fun to look back and compare.  

Taking Stock II

Making : birthday cards.  With my 2014 goal of not buying anything new, that includes family birthday cards so I’ve been printing some of my photos that are relevant to the receiver, pasting them to a blank art card and writing personalized notes with them.  Such fun!

Cooking : potatoes.  I’ve pinned some yummy potato recipes on Pinterest and I’ve been trying them out.  Not really having success so far in terms of presentation, but they taste good!  

Drinking : really good coffee blend (Ignition) from Cherry Hill Coffee in Kelowna.  And Market Spice Tea from Teaberry's.

Reading :  The Firebird by Susannah Kearsley and listening to Double Feature by Owen King.  Double Feature is really awful so far. 

Looking : at my photos from our French Polynesia trip from 2011, while I make my latest Blurb book.

Playing :  tug of war with the doggies.

Wasting :  too much time on the computer...can you relate?

Sewing : rips and hems.  At least that’s the plan when I get my sewing machine out this weekend.

Wishing : It looked more like winter out there.  Temperatures are predicted to be above zero for the next fourteen days.  I wanna snowshoe!!!

Enjoying :  The Bachelor.  What a guilty pleasure.  I’m totally hooked after only two episodes. Could it be because Juan Pablo is Venezuelan?

Waiting : for outstanding funds. 

Liking : using the elliptical on the mornings that hubby walks the dogs.  Really enjoying the music on my work out playlist. 

Wondering : how I got to be so blessed.

Loving : change.

Hoping :  I can keep incorporating exercise into my schedule.

Marvelling :  at how bad the drivers are in Kelowna.  In the last week, someone backed into me in a parking lot and I narrowly avoided being hit in two other instances.  We've all gotta be more careful out there!

Needing : to get organized.

Wearing : silver earrings.  Love them!

Following : the path of least resistance.

Knowing : you should never say never or the universe will make it so!

Bookmarking : holiday rentals in Hawaii.

Opening : my mind to different philosophies.

Giggling : at my own foibles.

Noticing : how easy it is to agree to disagree rather than get caught up in an argument that nobody can win.

Thinking : about volunteering in the next federal election.

Feeling : like I know what you’re going to say...


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