Vancouver to Kelowna Through A Dirty Windshield

For those of you who have never driven the Coquihalla or the Fraser Valley Highways, I thought I'd take a few shots on our drive home Monday afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised to see what I was able to captured at 120 km/hr.

The Portman Bridge in Vancouver

Somewhere in this area of Shakespeare inspired names like Othello Road, Shylock Road, Portia and Juliet Creek, there are a series of railway tunnels and bridges that are part of 3.5 km trail I hope to hike one day.

We stopped for lunch at The Blue Moose in Hope.  The food was good but extremely hot.  I had to wait a good ten minutes before I could eat my Moroccan 9 vegetable soup without scalding my tongue and hubby's Caribbean flat bread sandwich was pipping hot as well. 

There was a smattering of snow on the hills at the summit, but the roads were clear and dry all the way so we didn't need our snow tires after all.

I was glad, however, we'd just had the brakes done.  Shortly before this photo was taken I caught sight of some movement on the other side of the concrete.  I shouted "Deer!"  and was surprised to see a large dog like animal sail over the barrier.  Hubby hit the brakes and we wobbled a bit as the animal dashed across the road. Luckily the traffic was light. It could have been a coyote but looked too big and fluffy to me.  I though wolf at first but it didn't have that lanky body.  The colouring looked more like a Siberian Husky to me and it may very well have been as there are small communities not too far from the highway.   Whatever it was it provided quite the adrenaline rush. 

  Almost home!

The bridge over Okanagan Lake.


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