Meandering Down Melrose

Though my daughter had moved her things into residence on Sunday she stayed with me that night and we  decided to spend Monday morning together. Our plan was to visit the Getty Museum, partly because it was located fairly close to UCLA.  The desk clerk gave me written instructions on how to get there and when I got back to the room we decided to see what time it opened.  Turns out it opened Tuesday.  So glad we checked. Since my daughter enjoys fashion as well as Art, we decided to visit  Melrose Avenue instead.  We could either take the bus and get there in 25 minutes or walk and arrive in 29 minutes.  We decided to walk.

It was getting on to ten o'clock by the time we reached the corner of La Brea and Melrose.  I was surprised to discover many of the stores were closed, some not opening until 11 a.m., some not opening at all on a Monday.  It seemed like we walked for blocks before we finally found a coffee shop.

I was listening to The Vinyl Cafe last week and Stuart MacLean described Vancouver's Commercial Drive as "a nice compromise between the seedy and the hip."  I think it's a good description of Melrose as well, though with so many stores closed and shutter by security gates, it appeared to lean more towards the seedy.

America's version of Second City, where so many SNL alumni got their start.  

We stopped for lunch on the patio at the Vienna Cafe.  I had a savoury cup of their homemade mushroom soup and small greek salad while my daughter had a pizza that she enjoyed as well.  After lunch we headed back up Le Brea, taking a peak into L.A. Ink (Kat Von Dee was no where to be seen).  When we reached Sunset Boulevard we waited for the number 2 bus and when it arrived, my daughter got on without me, heading off to her next adventure while I walked slowly up the hill towards mine.


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