A Ladner Long Weekend

Hubby took Friday off and we headed down to the lower mainland to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my sister and her family.  We had to make a quick stop in White Rock so hubby could meet with a client.  Pitou and I wandered up Columbia and had a peek at my sister's former digs and then walked downhill to Marine Drive to take in the sights.  

Max, being a little less portable, was not with us.  We sent him to "boot camp" at K9 Kardio for the weekend.  It's located on an acreage in east Kelowna near lots of trails.  Apparently they went out for a hike every day so I'm sure he was in heaven.  

Pitou didn't seem to miss Max at all and had my sister's French bulldog Hank to play with.

We gathered around a cosy fire in the back yard the first night.

My sister and I spent most of Saturday poking around the picturesque village of Ladner while the men went out fishing for sturgeon on the mighty Fraser River. Unfortunately they had no luck with sturgeon. Though they are catch and release only, they are fun to fish. My brother-in-law has caught some monsters.

After dinner we played a rousing game of 1980's Headbands.

We missed having our daughter with us but were able to get in touch with her through Skype.  

My niece and I spent Sunday morning doing our Martha Stewart impression.  She made place cards for the dinner table and a lovely centre piece (which we eventually had to put outside because of the earwigs that kept emerging from the pinecones).    

We made a pumpkin pie which my niece did mostly on her own.  All I did was put the pastry in the pie plate and get it into and out of the oven.

Dinner was delicious with savoury ham, coleslaw, sourdough bread, mashed potatoes, carrots from our garden, and brussel sprouts (or budgie heads as the Youngs call them). Though we were stuffed by the end of it, there's always room for pie!


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