October Harvest

Golfing has never been my pastime of choice, infact the one good thing about my shoulder issues is that they've prevented me from having to enter a number of golf tournaments.  

I am therefore pleasantly surprised to say I really enjoyed my Saturday afternoon golfing adventure at Kelowna's Harvest Golf Club with three of my favourite ladies.   I'm not sure what made me agree to go along with them,  probably the fact that it would be low key, no pressure, and end with an alcoholic beverage.  My husband cobbled together a set of clubs from some of his left overs, put them in an old plaid bag my Dad had brought out with him a few years ago, and I was ready to go.

The Harvest is a beautiful course set on a working apple orchard with ten different apple varieties.  They also grow three varieties of wine grapes harvested by Calona Vineyards.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer October day.  The sun shone, there was low cloud over the lake but none over the course, with temperatures in the mid teens.

 Note to selfie...make sure the sun isn't directly behind you.

Thought I'd add this shot to show you the grapevines - already harvested unfortunately.

Christina was our star performer.  I was the Queen of "worm burners" though I did have a few good shots especially after I got some tips. "Less dump, more hump!" said Louise, instructing me on hip placement.

Part way through the afternoon Tracy said, "We should do this next year, but start earlier." My worst fear had been realized.  "I was afraid somebody was going to say that,"  I said.  

But by the end of the day I started to feel differently.  Maybe I should look for some used women's clubs.   I might even buy a pair of golf shoes...my feet won't be growing again so one pair should last me the rest of my life...   Dear Lord what is happening to me????

Tracy and Louise did a great job of collecting our balls without having to leave the cart.  We were playing "best ball" so we could get though at a decent time and not keep the threesome behind us waiting.

We only golfed nine holes which took us about two and a half hours.  We didn't keep score but we figured we were about two over par on most holes, other than the last one which was quite challenging. I'm proud to say we managed to avoid the water hazard.

Here's the view from the deck of the restaurant where we shared a nicely oaked bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Cupcake Vineyard in California and demolished a tasting platter of lime and pepper wings, dry ribs, nachos, calamari and spring rolls.


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