Wishing for Fishing

Ever since I bought my hubby some new fishing flies as part of the Fourteen Days of Valentines,  I've been looking forward to today's fly fishing demo put on by Trout Waters Fly and Tackle. The demo was scheduled from 10 to 2 today.  Though the sun was shining it was quite chilly by the lake at Sutherland Park.  We didn't hang about for long, and as an absolute beginner I really didn't want to try to whip fishing line around in the park for fear of hitting someone, or getting hit by one of the other beginners.   I am very much looking forward to taking one of my hubby's fly rods out into the back yard later today and seeing if I learned anything.  It's been a while since I did any fishing - I was probably a teenager the last time.  With a little luck you'll see some photos of my hubby and I fly fishing in the not too distant future. 


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