Recycling the Wishes

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I picked all of the wishes off the wishing tree in our front yard.  It wasn't something I really wanted to do, but we were getting into the rainy season and many of the wishes had become illegible.  Buds were also started to form on the tree branches and some wishes were flying off and going who knows where if I didn't pick them up right away. I worried that once the tree was in full leaf, it would be difficult to remove the hanging tags and the tree would soon look shabby.

Yesterday, while cleaning up my office I examined the mound of watermarked, blurred tags sitting in a pile on my filing cabinet.  I decided it might be appropriate to recycle them - a much better option than throwing them out. I did feel the need for some sort of record of them, so I've written them here, the ones I could still read anyway.  They are exactly as they appeared, with the occasional spelling or grammar error and a description in brackets of any pictures drawn on the tag.

I wish nobody in the world was hungry

I wish for love & kindness from all to all

I wish for my grandma to come visit me here in Kelowna.  Thank you.

for hapiness for all!

I wish for more wishes.

coconut to be happy in heaven

I wish for people to be Nice to Me

I wish for more paper to wish with!  And to have tea with the one who made this tree!  Guess Who!

Peace throughout the world.  (heart,  happy face)


For world Peace

People who smile at people they don't know.

I wish for family to know they are loved!  Come home Jade!!

We wish for better health in 2013!

I wish for a pro horn!

I wish santa will like Kelowna

I wish for Harmony

I wish that all people who are homeless, sick, and injured find help.  I wish that war in other countries would stop and girls could go to school too.


I wish for a holiday season where everyone can be with their loved ones.
written on the back was...

I wish for peace in my heart so I can share that peace with others.  (heart)

I wish for $1,000,000

For my family to be together & happy

inner peace for all those that search.

I wish everyone would be happy this, and every Christmas.

I wish to fly
and written below in different handwriting...Me Too!

I wish for harmony and abundance (happy face)

for love and clear skin

I wish everyone has a great Christmas

I wish I had all the trains in the world.  Jack 6 yrs

I wish for a healthy/happy life.  And fro people to help save the Earth. (heart)


  1. What's amazing is behind each and every one of those wishes is a story and personal journey they have traveled and the reason behind why they wished for what they did. Love it, Suzan! I'd like to wish to have tea with you, too!

    1. It would be lovely for all three of us to have tea together! It was Mrs. Pear Tree in case you didn't know. :)


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