Gratitude and Attitude

As I type this post, CBC Radio's Alya Ramadan is telling me the weather is a mixed bag in the BC Interior today.  Spring is as unpredictable as ever.  Temperatures rose to the 20's on Wednesday and Thursday last week, but dropped to single digits on the weekend.  Winter driving conditions returned to mountain highways as The Coquihalla and Roger's Pass received heavy snowfall last night.  I look to the west and I can see a ribbon of blue sky above the mountains but a curtain of ominous grey threatens from above.  It's five degrees and they're calling for rain later today.

I don't know about you, but the weather has a much stronger effect on my mood and motivation than I would like.  Looking west again, that ribbon of blue is now a narrow wisp and the grey haze has almost taken over. Oops....there it goes.  It looks like it's snowing up there now.  My first thought is that I fear I'm not going to get much done today and my second thought is the post on Kristen's Facebook page this morning.  A quote from the wise Captain Jack Sparrow "Your problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attitude about the problem..." As problems go, it's pretty small but still a challenge.

Sometimes an attitude of gratitude is just what you need to change your perspective and get the creative juices going.  Today I'm grateful for the good things and the challenges.

I'm grateful for sunshine on Sunday and iPhoto editing.

I'm grateful for procrastination and serendipity that allowed me to get a few nice shots at a cherry orchard on Lakeshore Road.

I'm grateful that Max didn't go crazy in the car when he saw the deer in the orchard allowing me to take quite a few shots, and I'm even happy with some of them.

I'm grateful that Max seems to be maturing.  His recall is almost perfect, he doesn't jump up quite as much and I can leave him out of the kennel when I go out without him eating the house.

I'm grateful for so many beautiful cherry blossoms.  I saw a few bees as well so hopefully it will be a prolific year for cherries.

I'm grateful for people in my life who are there when I need them, even if they don't realize it.


  1. Loved those photos you took! And, I for one, would take the words of Captain Jack Sparrow to heart any day of the week - sigh!


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