Gratitude Monday with Pollyanna Influences

I'm grateful so many wineries on Bottleneck Drive were open this Sunday so we could do our traditional wine tour with Reg.

I'm grateful that many of the Bottleneck wineries will be having live music on their patios this summer, particularly Dirty Laundry and Thornhaven Estate.

I'm grateful that the precipitation we've had since Thursday is rain and not snow.

I'm grateful we had beautiful weather for the first half of Reg's visit.

I'm grateful that April showers will bring May flowers.

I'm grateful for time spent with Reg working on the memoir.

I'm grateful my husband's company packed for their office relocation on Friday and not on the weekend.

I'm grateful we could all attend the Under 8 art show at SOPA and see our daughter's lovely artwork along with the works of so many other talented artists.  


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