The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

This morning my routine was disrupted by a whining Ridgeback.  I pulled the sliding glass door back and forth several times but Max didn't seem to want to go out.  I'd fed him and there was lots of water in his dish.  I tried the "Lassie Routine" - asked him if Timmy was in the well and walked past him to see if he'd lead me to discover Pitou in need of help.  He watched me walk away, a piteous look on his face.

 I think he was upset because his routine was disrupted this morning.  Max usually lies on the couch for a bit after breakfast, as does Pitou. 

Our living room and dining room furniture is now in the kitchen as we're getting a light re-finish of the hardwood floor today. It seems the dogs are not happy with that arrangement.
As soon as I put something a little more comfortable on the floor, Max took up his usual spot.  
He still looks a bit worried though.

Cats on the other hand, are more adaptable.....


  1. that old sayin' "old dog, new tricks" I know Max isnt very old, but look at his ears! not happy! was there squealy machinery? Some days I wish I were a cat! Kristen

    1. The dogs went to doggy day care, it was just the poor cats left behind, limited to half the downstairs. Not sure how much noise there was 'cause I left too!

  2. ohhh I love cute and true! I see bits of the what I see! Auntie

    1. Hopefully I'll have some photos of the completed kitchen soon....waiting on my island.


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