Grateful for People

This Monday I'm feeling very grateful for the kind, generous, thoughtful, creative, people who are a part of my life.

I'm grateful for all of those who have contributed to the wishing tree.  It's really taken on a life of it's own.  Last week I put out a thank you note accompanied by a gift bag of Hersey's kisses, with an encouragement to "share these small tokens of thanks with your neighbours."  When I pulled into the driveway on the weekend I thought someone had taken the bag.  On closer inspection the gift bag had been placed inside a clear plastic bag so you could still see the note. Inside the bag I found a collection of polished rocks, smooth and round on one side, and on the other, flat with the engraving you see in the photo.  I have no idea who put them there.

I'm very thankful for my friend Donna who happened to overhear someone in her snowshoeing group talking about their renovations.  She passed on the phone number of a tile setter the gentleman had used and I'm finally getting my backsplash installed at the end of this week!

I'm extremely grateful for my friend Anne Louise, my writing buddy (and former editor for a Toronto publisher) who was able to find some time to read my first chapter.  With her encouragement and suggestions I really feel like publication is more than just a pipe dream.

I'm grateful for Dave our friend and neighbour.  On Saturday we shared a lovely Indian themed evening with dinner at Poppadom's (his treat!) followed by Life of Pi at The Grand and a lovely glass bottle of Sandhill Syrah at his home where we heard some tales of his father's adventures in India.

Though I don't know Ang Lee  personally, I do want to express gratitude for him.  He's made some truly beautiful movies and Life of Pi is a visual feast.  I was going to link to the trailer but after watching it I think it shows too much.  I think you'd rather experience it on the big screen.  It's easy to see why people want to watch more than once.


  1. What a beautiful entry! How cool of a story is that regarding your wishing tree - a true testament to the wonderful people that surround you. Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks Lilly I feel very blessed to have you in my life as well. Enjoyed your gratitude post this Monday too!


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