Grateful for Music

"There are only two kinds of music.  Good and Bad" Duke Ellington
Oh how I do love music.  It's been a part of my life since before I was born when my Mom sang in the church choir with me listening intently from within.  It relaxes me, cheers me, calms me, saddens me, uplifts me, makes me work harder on the eliptical, makes walking up the ridge incredibly easy and thanks to headphones makes grocery shopping bearable.  This week I'm very grateful for being surrounded by music in it's many forms.

I'm grateful for the variety of music I get exposed to on CBC radio everyday.  Thanks to shows like Q, Canada Live, Radio West and Daybreak South, I can hear hip hop, folk, country, classical, jazz, pop, opera, indigenous music and lots of indie and local bands you don't hear on the local top 40 and Classic Rock stations.

I'm very grateful for Rosemary Thompson who's been the Music Director at the Okanagan Symphony for 6 years now.  She's brought some wonderful guest performers in and we were lucky enough to see guitarist Daniel Bolshoy perform one of my favourites...Conceirto de Aranjuez this past Friday night.  That's the tune I referred to in a post about Chris inspired Miles' Davis's "Sketches of Spain" and Chic Chorea's "Spain".

I'm so grateful Shelly Vida posted an invite to the Locarno concert at The Rotary Centre this past Saturday.  It was a high energy performance with some very talented musicians. If you get a chance to see them GO!

I'm grateful that listening to performers inspires me to perform myself.  Though I have nothing planned for public consumption in the near future, I do enjoy throwing a CD on and singing while I work.  If you want to hear what I sound like, you can listen to a sample from my CD "Between Love and Fascination" on iTunes or any of the download sites.

I'm grateful for my husband's love of latin music that has exposed me to so many new forms of the genre and like cumbia and Venezuelan harp music.

I'm grateful my son has an outlet for his love of music.  His band Astrakan is doing very well Vancouver's heavy metal scene.


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