My Top Five

I've been writing, writing, writing this week.  Mostly transcribing the conversations that Reg and I had this past September.  I can't wait to get these stories into the memoir.  Anyone who blogs knows how time consuming it is so I'm going to cheat a little today.  We're still early enough in the year to do a  top ten list aren't we?  I thought ten might be a bit much so I took some inspiration from Lilly's blog  Feel LOVD Everyday and listed five of my favourite posts from January to November 2012.  I left out December since you probably looked at them recently.  The wishing tree is probably the true Number 1 in terms of the number of visitors.

Number 5:
I love this shot of the band at the Chris Botti concert we went to in June.  Have a look at Oh What a Night.  Do follow the link to my post on From the Valley and Beyond to see some more great shots  (how often do I brag about my photos?) and read the concert review.  Not sure why there's only one photo on Pocketful of Memory Cards.  I guess I was trying to get back to my original premise.

Number 4:
I had to include a day in New York City.  This day was one of the top two...From Bleeker to Bemmelmens.

Number 3:
I like the way the photos tell a story and I love the surprise ending of How to Remove a Giant Ponderosa Pine.

Number 2:
My mother passed her wedding dress on to me during a basement purge and it sat in a mangled box on my closet shelf for many years.  I hoped that my daughter would wear it, either for her wedding or perhaps her prom, but she didn't inherit the delicate DNA my wasp waisted Mother and Mother-in-law carried.  I thought about selling the dress in a vintage clothing store but I couldn't bring myself to give it away.  I thought about displaying it and lamented the fact that a dress maker's dummy was way out of budget.  A few days later I made a serendipitous discovery at HomeSense.  Check out Wordless WEDnesday

Number 1:
Can't help lovin' that man of mine.  Sometimes I think our conversations would make good sit-com dialogue, like the exchange in my post How Much is Too Much?


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