Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With the Old And In With Gratitude

I've spent the last hour looking over my gratitude posts for the past year and it's no surprise to discover I have a lot to be thankful for.  I thought about doing a 2012 top ten gratitude list, but instead I think I'll just continue on as I have and tell you what I'm grateful for this past week.

I'm grateful for the attention The Wishing Tree received from the local media.  The reporter wrote "It's likely to become a yearly tradition," and I'm hoping that others will be inspired to create trees all over the city.

I'm grateful it didn't take much convincing to get my hubby to delve into the storage closet this weekend.  So far we've emptied two rubbermaid containers and three smaller boxes.  We have two packing boxes of household items and two boxes of books to give away. There may actually be visible floor space by the time we're finished!

I'm grateful that Lisa and Dan invited us out last night.  Freddie's Brewpub has a great deal for dinner and a movie at The Grand Ten ranging from $18.94 and $24.95 depending on how much you'd like to eat. The food was good and plentiful and they have some tasty beers crafted in the on-site microbrewery.  I recommend the Honey Ridge Ale - served with  wedge of lime, it's light and refreshing with a hint of coriander. 

I'm grateful for another Christmas with both kids able to make it home.  Nothing makes me happier at Christmas time than time spent with family.

I'm grateful for the encouragement of friends, family and strangers whose support keeps me posting even though I was only going to do this for one year.  A special thanks to Lilly of Feel LOVD Every Day who has inspired me and taught me more than she knows.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favourite Childhood Christmas Book

Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember my heart has been touched by  The Wonderful Window by Beth Vardon,  illustrated by Charlot Byj.    I believe it was written in the 50's and I would likely have received it for Christmas sometime in the 60's.  It's no longer in print so I hope I'm not violating any copyright laws by sharing it with you.


As soon as the patchwork was tacked into place
The angel came in with a smile on his face.
And both he and Katie got down on their knees,
Praying: Lord, could you spare one small miracle -- please?
That night, all the people who happened to pass  Saw a wonderful window of glistening glass!
And the light from the candles was shining inside  On the angel and Katie -- both beaming with pride.
(Just take a look now, while the happy choir sings...You'll see -- even Katie --- has almost got wings!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Week With Wishes

To the person who felt their wish was selfish, I'd like to let them know that in my opinion wishing for
something that will make you happy makes other people happy too ...and that's the opposite of selfish.