All Grown Up

My youngest celebrated a birthday last week and it amazes me to think that when I was her age I was living with the man who has now been my husband for almost 27 years.  I feel blessed to have such a kind, generous, helpful, creative, smart, witty child.   I don't know what I'll do next year when she does her UCLA exchange.  Thank goodness for Facebook, Skype and her blog.  Here's a few photos to give you an idea of why I think she's so terrific.

With cousin Shane

We spent three weeks with her in Europe
Having fun at the Peachland Museum

Returning to Barcelona after our day trip to Girona and Figures

Paris Crepes

Food fight!
Modelling for a friend
Pampering Pitou
Still loves Harry Potter
Chatting with Grandpa
Found on her Style Blog
Found on her Artist Blog


  1. What a wonderful young woman! So poised and well-traveled. She seems so interesting. You both have done such a wonderful job as parents. I know you didn't need me to say it. The proof is with your daughter:-)


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